Cheesemaking 101: The Ultimate Guide for Aspiring Cheesemakers

Hey there, Cheesies!

Welcome to our very first edition of Cheesemaking 101, where we’ll take you on a delightful journey into the cheesy world of artisanal delights. Whether you’re a seasoned home chef or a newbie in the kitchen, we’ve got all the cheesy details you need to kickstart your cheesemaking adventure! Each edition will walk you through a different step and explain what items are used and why as well as the different techniques you can use to achieve your desired result.

Let’s get started with a brief overview of the cheesemaking process;

  1. Getting Started: Embrace Your Inner Cheese Connoisseur – First things first, it’s time to unleash your inner cheese connoisseur! Get ready to explore the magical art of turning humble milk into mouthwatering cheese creations. From soft and creamy brie to tangy cheddar, the world of cheese awaits your creative touch. So, number one pick which cheese you want to attempt first. A good rule of hand is the harder the cheese the more technical it is to make so we often recommend starting with a soft cheese such as Halloumi or Fetta.
  2. Essential Cheesemaking Tools: Gear Up for Cheesy Fun – Before we dive into the cheesemaking process, let’s gear up with the essential tools. A cheesecloth, cheese bakets, and a cheese thermometer are a few must-haves. Don’t forget to bring your adventurous spirit – it’s the secret ingredient in every cheesy masterpiece!
  3. The Milk Matters: Choose Wisely, Cheese Delightfully – It all starts with the milk! For a delectable cheese adventure, select high-quality milk – whether cow, goat, or sheep – for the perfect flavor and texture. Fresh, local milk will give your cheeses that extra touch of magic.
  4. Rennet Revealed: The Magical Curd Creator – Next up, let’s unveil the curd creator – rennet! This natural enzyme works its wonders by coagulating milk proteins, forming the curds needed to make cheese. Whether you choose animal or vegetarian rennet, prepare to be amazed by its curdling magic
  5. Curdling Time: Dance of the Curds and Whey – When rennet meets milk, it’s time for the curdling dance! Watch as the curds and whey part ways, each with a unique role in the cheesemaking process. The curds become the heart of your cheese, while the whey finds its own special purpose.
  6. Curd Cutting Technique: Texture is Everything – As a cheese artisan, you hold the power to control your cheese’s texture through curd cutting. Larger curds result in creamier cheese, while smaller ones create firmer varieties. Play with curd sizes and watch the magic unfold!
  7. Whey Not? Don’t Let It Go to Waste – Don’t bid farewell to the whey just yet! This liquid gold is a treasure trove of nutrients and endless possibilities. From making ricotta to using it in baking and cooking, your whey won’t go to waste.
  8. Aging and Flavor: A Journey Worth Waiting For – Now comes the moment of anticipation – the aging process! Patience is key as your cheeses develop their unique flavors. From mild and delicate to robust and tangy, the aging journey is a delectable experience.
  9. Share the Cheese Love: Spread the Joy of Cheesemaking – As you embark on your cheesemaking journey, don’t forget to share the love. Surprise your loved ones with your homemade cheese creations, and witness their faces light up with delight. After all, sharing cheese is sharing joy!

For some inspiration on which cheese to make first check out our recipes page or if you’ve already decided and just need some tools we’ve made it super simple by putting together a range of cheesemaking kits to get you started.

Stay tuned for our next Cheesemaking 101 where we dive into the specialised equipment and what each one is used for.

Until then my Cheesies 🧀🧀🧀

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