Yoghurt & sour cream

Yoghurt and Sour Cream are both produced using a bacterial fermentation process that reacts with the lactose (natural milk sugars) to produce lactic acid.

There are many examples of ancient civilisations producing yoghurt and it is from the Turkish word, yogurt, that we get the English name. Yoghurt is mostly made from cow’s milk but around the world it has been made from the milk of water buffaloes, goats, camels, sheep and yaks.

Sour Cream, as its name suggests, is made from cream rather than milk. Although, non-fat sour cream is made using skim milk and thickening agents.

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Ingredients for Yoghurt

  • For a mild flavour – Type C1 Yoghurt starter
  • For a stronger flavour – Type C3 Yoghurt starter
  • For a thin texture priobiotic yoghurt – Type C aBt Yoghurt starter
  • For a thick texture priobiotic yoghurt – Type C aBy starter

Ingredients for Sour Cream

  • Type B cheese starter
Yoghurt & sour cream homemade
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