Originating from Caucasia, Kefir is a thin yoghurt like drink that is enjoyed worldwide.
it can be made with either Cow, Goat, Sheep milk or even a blend of two.

Kefir Milk is a popular product due to the many health benefits it has.  Containing beneficial bacteria. Kefir can do wonders for your body.
it is a versatile dairy product that  is commonly enjoyed as a drink, either plain or with added flavours such as honey, sugar, fruit juice etc. but it is also great in Smoothies or it can even added into your favourite cereal or muesli

Shopping list


  • Kefir Culture
  • Milk

Specialist equipment

  • Mini Spoons
  • Thermometer

Make your very own with Cheeselinks Kefir Culture 

Download Kefir Milk Recipe here Kefir Recipe




Kefir Milk
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