Super Kit


The Ultimate Cheese making kit with everything you need and more!

This super kit includes:

-A, B, C and E Starter
White PC, White Special and Blue Mould Spores
-Brevi Linens
40g Lipase
-125g Vegetarian Rennet and 125g Calcium
-1kg Cheese Wax and Salt
-2 x Cotton Cheesecloth
12 x Baskets and a Ricotta Basket set
2 x 4 pk Syringes
-Set of Measuring Spoons and Curd Knife & Scoop Combo    
-2 x 1.5l Maturing containers
Dial Thermometer
-2 x Matting Squares
Hand Sanitiser
-Pack of Mixed Wraps                      

Plus for only an extra $50, you can add in a Yoghurt Making Kit ( Normally $80)

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