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    Yoghurt Making Kit - Includes, Our very own electric yoghurt maker, Yoghurt Culture C6, Set of mini measuring spoons, Chilly Bag, 2018 Calendar view our range
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    Join us in exploring the rewarding art of cheese-making. Whether making cheese in your own home or participating in our fun workshops, Cheeselinks helps you discover how to create cheeses and dairy products to suit all tastes.view info on cheese making
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    From creamy Brie to crumbly Cheddar and all types in between, Cheeselinks provides quality ingredients to create tempting and flavoursome cheeses of your choice.view our ingredients
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    Cheeselinks stocks an extensive range of specialist cheese-making products and equipment to help you easily and successfully produce your favourite cheeses and dairy products.view our range

Bringing cheese and yoghurt making to your kitchen.


Cheese-making is more than an art. It’s a passion.

There are few past-times more fulfilling than creating your own produce.  At Cheeselinks, we help you explore the world of cheese-making to discover just how easy it is to produce delicious cheeses and dairy products in your own home.  You’ll never forget the moment you first taste a slice of cheese you’ve created with your own hands that you can share with your family and friends.  

We stock a wide selection of cheese-making tools, equipment and ingredients to help you prepare delectable cheese products.

If you’re not ready to try yourself, we also host a range of workshops to provide expert advice and guidance on how to make an assortment of cheese styles.

Come share our passion.


The Cheese Kettle

Cheeselinks are proud to recommend, Lukasz Klekowski and his company “The Cheese Kettle”. The Cheese Kettle provide full engineering services from the planning phase until start up for the dairy and food processing industry.
Click on the link to find out more.

Upcoming Workshops

ROMSEY Homestead Enterprises
10:00am to 03:30pm
CERES Brunswick Vic
10:00am to 03:30pm

Cheese Making Products

Maltese Basket

Height: 6cm
Width: 7cm
Base: 5cm


Our very own electric yoghurt maker

Set of mini measuring...

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Yoghurt Making Kit - Includes

Our very own electric...