A popular Italian cheese, Romano dates back to the first century BC.

Traditionally, there are three main types of Romano:

  • Pecorino – made from sheep’s milk
  • Vaccino – made from cow’s milk
  • Caprino – made from goat’s milk

A cheese can only be rightly called Pecorino Romano if it comes from the Lazio region of Italy.

Romano cheese should be aged for at least five months. Versions made from goat or sheep’s milk will have a sharp taste while cow’s milk Romano will have a much milder flavour. Its texture should be dense and crumbly.

Shopping list


  • Un-homogenised cow, sheep or goat’s milk
  • Type C cheese starter
  • Rennet
  • Salt
  • Lipase

Specialist equipment

  • Cheese basket (P45340 small hard cheese basket is recommended)
  • Cheese wax
  • Cheese cloth (optional)
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