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Parmesan is the English name given to the traditional Italian cheese Parmigiano Reggiano which first appeared in the valley of the River Po in the 12th Century.

For a cheese to be truly called Parmesan, the milk should come from cows solely feed on fresh grass and hay and should be made only between April 1 and November 11 each year.

Parmesan-style cheeses are now widely produced throughout the world and are a popular accompaniment to pasta dishes and Italian salads.

Parmesan should have a dense, grainy texture with a fruity and nutty taste.

Shopping list


  • Un-homogenised cow’s milk
  • Type C Starter
  • Rennet
  • Salt
  • Lipase

Specialist equipment

  • Cheese basket (P453340 small hard cheese basket is recommended)
  • Cheese wax
  • Cheese cloth (optional)
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