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Make your own soft, creamy camembert, plus other dairy delights.

Suitable for the complete novice, great fun and informative day, impress your friends with your own homemade cheese.




ROMSEY Homestead Enterprises
10:00am to 03:30pm

Make blue vein that will impress all the critics.

Start with a soft mild blue and progress to a  mature blue. If you like your cheese full of flavor, sharp and with a distinctive aroma, then this workshop would suit you.


Traditional fetta and halloumi cheese.

Enjoy the experience of making cheese today and eating tomorrow. Experiment with different herbs and spices. You'll have trouble keeping up with demand once your friends try your very own homemade cheese.



CERES Brunswick Vic
10:00am to 03:30pm

CERES Brunswick Vic
10:00am to 03:30pm

Make your own mozzarella, add to your  home made pizza!

Have fun stretching and kneading your mozzarella ready for your favorite recipes.

Once you feel experienced and adventurous try sourcing buffalo milk and making your own buffalo mozzarella.

CERES Brunswick Vic
10:00am to 03:30pm

Make your own romano, pepato or cheddar.

If your after a bit more of a challenge, then the hard cheeses are a great versatile cheese to make. Might take a few goes to get the right flavor for your taste buds, but patience is the key to get your desired flavor.

CERES - Brunswick-Vic (Cheddar)
10:00am to 03:30pm

Romsey Homestead Enterprises (Swiss/Hard cheese)
10:00am to 03:30pm

Make a soft washed rind cheese-deliciously smelly!

If you have an acquired taste for smelly cheese then this is a good workshop for you.

CERES Brunswick Vic
10:00am to 03:30pm

As well as our standard six workshops, there are a number of other workshops in our repetoire available on special request, including Cheddar, Gouda, Swiss style, Triple Cream Brie, Goat Cheese, and many more. Contact Cheeselinks directly if you are interested in any of these options!

Romsey Homestead Enterprises (Triple Cream Brie)
10:00am to 03:30pm

If you have a group of people that want to make cheese, private workshops can be arranged to cater to your needs. As well as our standard six workshops, there are a number of other workshops in our repetoire available on special request, including Cheddar, Gouda, Swiss Cheese, Triple Cream Brie, Goat Cheese, Caerphilly and more! A corporate or private workshop is the perfect opportunity to customise your workshop and learn to make the cheeses that you most want to learn!



Struggling for ideas for this year's Christmas presents? What about making your own cheese or yoghurt for your friends and family as an extra special gift? Or better yet, give the gift of learning – a workshop voucher where the recipient can learn to make their own cheese and yoghurt to take home with them.

Contact us for more information about special events.


Artisan Cheese Making Academy Australia

This is the country's only training and education academy dedicated to artisan cheese.

Short courses available:

  • Running an Artisan Cheese Business
  • 1 Day Workshop, Cheese Making
  • 3 Day Workshop, Cheese Making


137 Days Road, Regency Park, SA 5010

Phone:  8348 4300

Fax:  8348 4294

Email: artisancheeseacademy@tafesa.edu.au

The National Centre of Dairy Education Australia (NCDEA)

Based in Werribee, just 25 km from the heart of Melbourne, and they run practical cheesemaking courses and many other courses in which participants can make cheese in a commercial factory.


By far the best way to learn to make cheese and yoghurt is to experience it for yourself at one of our home cheesemaking workshops. Classes are suitable for the complete novice, and you will learn how to make delicious dairy products – not from a factory or dairy farm but from a home kitchen!

Cheeselinks workshops are held at our premises in Lara, Victoria, just 50km from the heart of Melbourne. Workshops are also held at a range of other locations throughout Australia.