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Received by Email September 2014

On a cold winters day I attended my first cheese making class with Janet at Little River. The day was full of informative and easy to follow instructions for making Brie, Feta, Quark, Cultured Butter, Ricotta and Yoghurt. The group asked lots of questions as we worked through the process of cheese making and we were offered a wonderful morning tea and lunch spread. The lasagne was very much appreciated by the young men in the group and the day seemed to pass very quickly. I loved the fact that I could purchase everything I needed on the day to take home and begin my own cheese making within a couple of days. I have had lots of success with the cheese making and my family and friends love to try all my home made goods. If I need to ask a questions or clarify my understanding the girls at Cheeselinks are a great source of information on the end of the phone. I can thoroughly recommend this day to anyone wanting to make their own cheese, the staff are friendly, professional and very down to earth. Wendy Smith

Received by Email September 2014
We've now done three cheese courses at Cheeselinks and every time the instructors have been patient, kind and supportive teachers. The courses are fun and interactive, so everyone is able to learn the practical skills needed to continue to make cheese at home, without supervision. The course notes and recipes are great - they're easy to follow and if you do end up getting stuck, the staff at Cheeselinks are right at the end of the phone or email, happy to troubleshoot any problems you might be having. We haven't had to buy Camembert, Blue or Brie-style cheeses in three years. Thank you Cheeselinks!    Marni and Lana

Received by Email October 2014

I love Cheeselinks! The cheese course I did with Janet was one of the best courses I have ever done. I really didn't know anything about making cheese before I did the class with my friend Samantha, but am now making cheese at home for my family. They are enjoying the benefits and look forward to tasting my creations. Julie as been an angel, helping me get everything I needed to make cheese at home. I learnt so much during the day and can't wait to book in for the next class. We had a great lunch, lots of laughs and I made some new friends. I am more than happy to recommend Cheeselinks to any budding home cheese maker.    Glenys Parker

Received by Email December 2014

I attended a Camembert class at Little River. From a 'beginner' who knew nothing about making cheese, I found the class easy to follow and staff very helpful and willing to answer any question. A very enjoyable day, I would recommend Cheeselinks courses to anyone. I also have found fantastic follow up, if I call with any queries along the way. I am now making my own cheese at home successfully and am booked in for a Mozzarella class.    Emma

Received by Email January 2015

I am a novice at making cheese and after one day at Little River with Cheeselinks I came away feeling confident in making my own Fetta. I am now making it at home and playing around with marinating it with different flavors. It is a joy to serve my own cheese to visitors. I found the knowledge imparted and enthusiasm by Janet excellent. The day was full of humour and learning, the refreshments and lunch went down a treat, everything cheesey, oh so much fun.     Mary Jane Harvey

Received by Email February 2015

Just had to write to let you know how much fun I had at the workshops I have attended recently. Janet you make cheese & yogurt making so much fun and easy. At no stage did you make me as a novice, feel silly or dumb if I asked a stupid question. I have so much fun making my own yogurt for my daily smoothie and the Blue Vein and Camembert cheeses taste so good. Highly recommend any of Cheeselinks Workshops to everyone interested in learning to make their own cheese and yogurt.   Andrea, Brunswick, Vic